Optimize Image Files without affecting Image Quality with Image Optimizer Software

This Image Optimizer Software allows you to Compress Images Files with Lossless Image Optimization. Download & Optimize Images in Bulk with Image Optimizer Software on your Windows Computer. You can Optimize png, jpg and jpeg files without compromising the quality of the Image Files. The Lossless Compression / Optimization done by this Image Optimizer Software makes sure that the Image Quality remains intact. Yes you can Download this Image Optimizer Software Utility Application for Free and try it yourself.

Download Image Optimizer Software

Main Screen of Image OptimizerDownload Image Optimizer Software version 1.0 on your Windows Computer and Optimize Images within Minutes. This Image Optimizer is a shareware application and you can download and try it for Free. The Trial Version of the is only Limited by the Number of Uses and is otherwise fully functional. The Trial Version does not adds any Watermark to the Optimized Images. The Image Optimizer Software has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 Operating Systems.

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Feel Free to Download and try this Software on your own Windows Computer and Optimize as many Image Files as you want. Due to Lossless Optimization done by this Image Optimizer, the File Sizee reduction will be minimal, however it would be enough to keep Search Engines and your Users happy.

Video Tutorial of Image Optimizer

Watch Video Tutorial of Image Optimizer to watch it Optimize Images. The Video Tutorial displays how you can Optimize a Single Image and then it also displays how you can Optimize Images in Bulk with Image Optimizer. After Optimizing Images, the Image Optimizer also Displays an Image Compression Report as displayed in this Video Tutorial.

Features of Image Optimizer

The Image Optimizer offers many features with it's Graphical User Interface. Given below are the features of the Image Optimizer which together makes it the best Image Optimizer. You can also suggest a new feature to the software which can be of help to you in Optimizing Images with Image Optimizer and get it Implemented for Free.

Screenshot Displaying Features Offered by File Menu of Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer also Displays Preview of the Selected Image, Allows you to Locate the Selected Image in Windows Explorer. Right Click Menu and Main Menu of the Image Optimizer allows Easy Access to various features of the Image Optimizer. Whether you wish to Optimize few Images or Images in Bulk, the Graphical User Interface of the Software is Fully Sufficient to Optimize Images.

Benefits of Optimizing Images with Image Optimizer

Given below are few benefits of Optimizing Images with Image Optimizer. Depending on your purpose of Optimizing Images, one of more benefits will be applicable to your purpose of Optimizing Images.

Screenshot of Image Optimizer Report

The Images on this Website have been Optimized with Image Optimizer. You can Download Image Optimizer for Free and test it with your own Graphic Images. Once Free Trial Usages have been Utilized, the Image Optimizer will prompt you to pay the Software Registration fees of USD 14.99.

Sample Images Optimized by Image Optimizer Software

Apart from Images on this Website Optimized by Image Optimizer, you can Download a Collection of Images to verify the Optimization done by Image Optimizer Software. The Sample Photographs are collection of PNG and JPG Files. PNG Files with Transparency are included in the Sample Images as well. You can analyze the quality of the Optimized Images with your favorite Image Editor to verify Lossless Compression done by Image Optimizer Software.

Screenshot of Sample Images Folder

Download Sample Images to verify the Compression done by Image Optimizer Software. You can anytime Download the Image Optimizer for Free and Optimize your own Images within Minutes. Whether you wish to Optimize Photographs captured by Camera, Mobile or Tablet, Clipart Images, Screenshots or even Images created with Image Designing Software Application, the Image Optimizer Software works with all types of Images to give you Optimized Images for Sharing.

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